Therapy in English

Welcome to my website,

My name is Montserrat Asensio and I work as a counsellor, psychotherapist and coach since 2007.

Therapy deals with our relationship to the world and, especially, with our relationship to ourselves. Together, we can navigate a difficult patch in your life or seek to understand and resolve issues, whether they are long-term or recent. As a result of the work we do together, you will achieve reduced levels of distress and an enhanced capacity to live your life.

This may involve coming to terms with a painful family history, a search for meaning and direction, or exploring how to be in relationship with another and yet still be yourself and not lose your identity. It may also involve learning to believe in and embrace yourself and your perceptions, so that you are able to find within yourself what is and feels right for you.

Also, our work together may involve seeking to understand and ameliorate the impact of painful personal patterns, such as a tendency for anxiety or depression, a difficulty to say no (when you want to say it), an inner critical voice which attacks and undermines you…

I know that approaching a therapist takes a lot of courage, because you set about to discuss deeply personal matters with another person, even if that person is professionally trained. Whatever the issues you bring, I am committed to work with you to the best of my ability in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner. I always work in ways which are respectful and collaborative.

During our first appointment, we will ensure both that you feel comfortable working with me and that I feel I can support you in the process of achieving the changes you are looking to make. During this initial meeting I will also take your contact details and ask for information on your personal and medical history, family background, and what you are looking for from therapy.

Do not worry if, at this point, you are not totally clear about what you are looking for and you only know that you want to feel better about yourself and the world and find some direction and purpose, whatever they may be: the first interview will provide us with an initial focus to work together although, later on, other issues may come to the surface.

I work in a venue close to Reus city centre, train station and bus terminal. If you come by car, let me know and I will advise you on how to park around the area should you not be familiar with it.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries.

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